Cannondale Headshok Fatty Needle Bearing Service Tools


Shipping: Please see the description.

A unit of  needle bearing service tool includes: 

1. Steerer bearing race lock tool.  

2. Needle bearing slidable installation holder. 

3. Lower tube needle lock tool. 

4. Headshok fork installation tool. 

5. A free boot in random color.

The demonstration video on YouTube

For the new version of steerer bearing race lock tool:

      We redesigned it to be modified for servicing Lefty fork. for the Lefty fork, as we know that early versions have same structure of lower as the Headshok, so that means our tools can be used for servicing those. now the only issue is how to make our tool entering deeper, so wo make 2 bulged points to replace the previous version's  bulged ring because 2 bulged points because that is easily to be cut off. if you want to service early Lefty, you just need to cut off the bulged points to remove restrictions and make the tool locking deeper bearing races. another question is how to control the tool locking the bearing race? the answer is at hardware shop, to find a long plastic tube and a long threaded bolt, stick the tube on the top of tool and make the long bolt through them, we advice using M6 bolt and No:10 nut. when you can lock the bearing races in the deep of steerer,  the last issue is whether you can rebuild the needle bearing of Lefty faster than the video that I rebuilt a Headshok in 3 minutes. 

    BTW, it doesn't mean we cannot producing that tube and combining them because that will make package heavier and bigger. the weight and volume will cost more shipping. but if you don't want do that and willing to pay the shipping, we can help you to do that.

    For the previous version, you have to take more time to remove the bulged ring.

 The price just includes PayPal fee, buyer pays VAT and customs tax.