Replica Ringle Moby Replacing Tube Drum Halve


Shipping: As what is known to all, the pandemic has changed everything for some years, Please take more patience if the package arrived the destination customs and takes long time for clearing.

    We decided to sell the tube and drum halve separately not by set, because many customer feedbacked that they want to combine them in different colors, just like turquoise tube to match 3DV clamps.

    For the tube size, we ordered lots of shim adapters in different thicknesses, that can convert the tube to all sizes to compatible with vintage MTB, 26.4/26.8/27.0/27.2/28.6/29.4/31.8mm. the shim adapters can protect the wall against scratching as well.

   *** Please sent us a mail to confirm the size of tube before payment ***

           Our mail address: [email protected]